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Boutique business gets more competitive and advanced with cashier app that supports promotional and online sales.
Get the accurate calculation of inventory data, start from incoming stock, sold stock, transfer stock, opname stock, to detailed stock movements analysis.
Variants and SKU Product
Product data is neatly structured according to the categories, items, and SKUs. Support unlimited product variants, you can search the SKUs with barcode scaninng tools.
CRM, Loyalty, and Promotion Features
Record data of your loyal customers in the system, share benefits from promotions, special prices for certain customer categories, to points accumulation that can be redeemed by your loyal customers.
Support Online Shop
Develop your business and be more professional with a Whitelabel online store website that is connected to the Point of Sales. Make it easy for loyal customers to place orders with integrated shipping options.
One QR Code for all QRIS Payments
other payment method
Other Features
Olsera is point of sales with all of the features you need most, start from product management, customer management, promotion feature, suppliers, absence, staff access, et cetera.
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